Gardenia Yellow

Product Description

Gardenia Yellow is a yellow color obtained from gardenia fruits. Its principal components are crocin and crocetin. It is a rare water-soluble carotenoid. Excellent stability to heat but sensitive to light




  • Light yellow to Dark red powder or liquid, aqueous solution is clear and transparent golden yellow.
  • Soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in benzene, gasoline and other non-polar solvents.
  • Have good stability, strong coloring. Gardenia yellow color has fine resistance reduction and microbial resistance, light and heat resistance, and the color will basically remain the same when the pH value is between 4 and 11. It is stable to metal ions (except for iron, as it will turn black in case of iron), with good staining effects on starch and protein.
  • Nutritious. The main component of gardenia yellow color is crocin and croceic acid, which is a rare water soluble carotene, which can easily be absorbed by the human body, where it can be transformed into vitamin A, supplement the insufficiency of vitamins. Hence, it is a nutrient type colorant.
  • Function of health care. Gardenia is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, and gardenia yellow has effects similar to gardenia, which is capable of clearing heat and dispelling hotness, cooling blood and gallbladder, and lowering the cholesterol. It is a natural plant color with integrated functions of coloring, nutrition and health care.


A food additive used for coloring food, beverage, alcoholic drinks, pastry, pickles, and snacks