Marigold Oleoresin

Product Description

Marigold Oleoresin is a natural yellow pigment obtained from Marigold flower. Its principal component is lutein.  It has bright color and superior coloring strength.

Oil soluble Marigold Oleoresin:

It is a dark brown oleoresin with the aroma of marigold; it becomes an oily liquid when heated and easily dissolves in oil.

Water soluble Marigold Oleoresin :

It is an orange liquid or powder that transformed from oil soluble type. It can easily disperse in water. The product is widely used in baking, beverage, frozen food, jelly, jam and the infant formula food.

Marigold Oleoresin Powder :

It is a kind of water soluble powder refined from Marigold Oleoresin. The product is widely used in food, cosmetic, tobacco, pharmaceutical, high grade feed fields etc, especially for coloration of chicken, egg and aquatic products.


A food additive used for coloring food, beverage, alcoholic drinks, pastry, jelly, and snacks. It also used for medical, animal feed and textile dyeing